The AE20 performance is not a standard European performance. They apply specifically to the prison sector in Belgium.This is a special application of burglary-resistant performance for prison buildings that is characterized by the fact that attackers are allowed to make 2 breakthrough attempts. For each test, two people make a continuous effort of 20 minutes, […]



In 80% of the cases, a burglar will first try to gain access through the door, window or gate of a building. Burglar-resistant joinery is therefore a crucial element for the security of the outer shell of your building. The burglary material that the burglar uses is always related to the time and experience that […]



A well-insulated door is a must to seal off a room without thermal bridges and hermetically. These doors are called isothermal doors. Typical applications are doors for cold stores and freezers. The type of application and the difference in temperature and humidity determine the required insulation thickness and insulation value of the isothermal door or […]

Bullet resistance


Currently, two European directives apply as a reference for ballistics. They provide a framework for tests and classifications related to bullet resistance: EN 1063: for the tests on glass in construction (safety glass). EN 1522-1523: for the tests on windows, doors and shutters. These standards differ on a number of points: the construction elements subject to the […]



Airtightness ensures that only a small amount of gas flows between two door-separated zones with different air pressures. This property is often combined with watertightness and wind resistance. Together these characteristics are called AWW (air-water-wind). Where can airtight doors be used? A fully airtight revolving door or sliding door is ideal for conditioned areas such as […]



In a fire, toxic smoke is the leading cause of death. The smoke also causes the most damage and nuisance in the entire building. That is why we recommend that you also integrate smoke tightness into your doors, windows and gates, even though there is no obligation to do so in most countries. Smoke density […]

Thermal insulation

thermisch geïsoleerd

Doors, gates and windows often have to be thermally insulated when they are placed as a partition in rooms where a functional temperature is desirable or necessary. This can be e.g. interior doors as well as exterior doors. In Belgium, the standards are becoming stricter. For example, the maximum heat losses for doors should not […]



Doors exposed to adverse weather conditions can be certified with European standards (EN 1027 & EN 12208). This property guarantees that exterior doors are watertight . In this context, doors are subjected to torrential rain and high pressure to simulate severe thunderstorms. During testing, a uniform jet of water is sprayed over the door or window, after […]



Doors that must withstand gusts of wind are certified with European standards EN 12211 & EN 12210. These standards guarantee that exterior doors are wind resistant. When performing the tests, doors are subjected to increasing pressure on both sides to simulate gusts of wind. The entire door assembly must remain in place and the fittings […]


No specific performance applies to this product.



We have soundproof doors, windows and walls. We supply and install, among other things, Heinen sound-resistant doors, which achieve performance up to and including Rw value of 55dB. This acoustic performance is maintained even after years of intensive use. Our soundproofing products are used in many places: concert halls event and exhibition rooms cultural centers […]

Explosion proof


When you think of explosion-proof doors, you immediately think of security against attacks and military applications. But explosions can also occur in industry. Just think of the gas sector, the chemical sector, storage depots for fuels, chemicals, fertilizers, … An explosion-resistant door is indicated in industrial sectors such as the gas, chemical and military sectors, […]

Fire resistant (+HCM)


In the event of a fire, a fire door ensures that building elements can continue to fulfill their function, despite the damage caused by the fire. The structural elements must remain stable during the evacuation and during the intervention of the fire brigade. The spread of fire should be limited by walls, doors, windows and […]



Emergency exit doors must be able to be opened quickly and easily in the evacuation direction in the event of an emergency. One of the most important properties of emergency doors are the anti-panic locks. The emergency doors of public areas must be fitted with a panic bar. With double doors, this can be done […]

Anti electromagnetic radiation

elektromagnetische straling

ICOMET GROUP can build a housing that is protected against electromagnetic or radio frequency waves as well as a housing that prevents their spread to the outside. When designing a room protected from electromagnetic radiation, windows, doors, ventilation ducts and technical passages should be taken into consideration. Electrically conductive elements entering or leaving the EMC […]

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